Promoting Animal Welfare in Panajachel
11 meter long mural in the centre of Panajachel, Guatemala. In collaboration with AYUDA. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader. March 2021.

Promoting Sterilization Campaigns in Jocotenango
Small mural in the offices of the Dirección de la Mujer in Jocotenango, Guatemala. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader. March 2021.

San Andrés Itzapa
Two-wall mural at a kindergarten in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala. Sponsored by Jim Bader. In collaboration with Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones. February 2021.

San Martín Jilotepeque
Mural to help dog rescuer Cristy Velasco spread the message of respecting animals in her hometown of San Martín Jilotepeque, Guatemala. Sponsored by Jim Bader. December 2020.

Tess Unlimited's Clinic for Children with Cleft Lip/Palate
Series of painted animals with cleft lip surgeries in Clínica Los Tulipanes, San Gaspar Vivar, Antigua Guatemala. Sponsored by Colour4Kids. February-August 2020.

El Chucho Feliz
Tribute to Spot, the deaf/blind dog adopted by dog facility El Chucho Feliz, San Pedro las Huertas, Guatemala. Sponsored by Chilli. August2020.

Digital Library, Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala
Four-wall mural at the digital library of a public elementary school in Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala. Sponsored by Eben Haezer Church, Klazienaveen, Holland. June 2020.

Art Workshops, Alotenango, Guatemala
Series of art workshops with participants of the Escuela Comunitaria de Arte in Alotenango, in preparation of the painting of a community mural. The latter was cancelled due to Covid restrictions. sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader. February - March 2020.

Cat Sanctuary, Antigua Guatemala
Two-wall mural at the cat sanctuary of Unidos para los Animales in Antigua, Guatemala. February 2020. Sponsored by MuralArteGuate/Unidos para los Animales.

San Bartolomé Becerra, Guatemala
Mural at the elementary school in San Bartolomé Becerra, Antigua, Guatemala. May 2019. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader.

San Cristobal el Alto, Guatemala
Mural painted as a part of JICA's initiative to help beautify the village of San Cristobal el Alto. Painted with CasaSito's students. May 2019. Sponsored by Meson Panza Verde.

CasaSito Headquarters, Antigua Guatemala
Result of a series of workshops with 4 CasaSito students at the lounge area of the NGO's headquarters. Antigua, Guatemala. May 2019. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader.

Santa Isabel Shelter, Alotenango, Guatemala
Mural next to a brand new activity centre constructed out of trash at the shelter in Alotenango, Guatemala. March 2019. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader.


Headquarters CasaSito, Antigua Guatemala
Mural at CasaSito's offices, painted with some of the NGO's scholarship students. February 2019. Sponsored by Developing Scholars and Uno Más.

Nursing Home Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz

Series of three small murals at a nursing home in Antigua Guatemala. January 2019. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader.

Marimba Mural

Painted with the students of the Academia Comunitaria at the Municipality of Alotenango, GuatemalaNovember 2018. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader. 

Cat Sanctuary Unidos para los Animales

Painted garden at the UPA cat sanctuary, Antigua Guatemala. October 2018. Sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader. 

Cat Sanctuary PAAWS

Series of paintings art teh PAAWS cat sanctuary, Antigua Guatemala. July - December 2018.


Mural San Antonio Aguas Calientes 

Two murals at the pre-school run by NGO Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans. June 2018

Life in Colors Physiotherapy Clinic, Antigua Guatemala

Entire treatment room for kids (total 14 x 2.5m) covered with circus murals in Life in Colors Physiotherapy Clinic, Antigua Guatemala. April 2018. Sponsored by Uno Más.


Mural Project Blind Monkey Collaborative

Preparation of 4 portable mural panels for the Blind Monkey Collaborative, to be painted during the festival in Earth Lodge, Antigua Guatemala. Theme is an ancient Maya legend of the hero twins Ixbalanqué and Hunapúh turning their brothers into monkeys. April 2018.

Middle School La Esperanza, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Series of  art workshops with 44 students at a middle school in the outskirts of Chimaltenango, resulting in a 20 meter long mural based on ideas the students came up with. Sponsored by Colour4Kids and Uno Más Foundation. February - April 2018.

Day-care Centre San Bartolomé Becerra, Antigua Guatemala

Series of murals at a daycare centre. Sponsored by Kristin Landau, Tommy O'Donnell, Jody Paterson, Shoshi Parks and Wendy Russell. Volunteer: Alice Lee. January 2018.

Small Talk

Mural inside the municipal building in San Bartolomé Becerra. 4 x 3m. Sponsored by Jim Bader. December 2017.

A Dog and His Boy

Mural at the playground in San Bartolomé Becerra, painted with the help of neighbourhood kids. 9.5 x 4m. Sponsored by Jim Bader and Jasmijn Velzing. November 2017.

PAAWS Cat Sanctuary

Some bigger than life cats at the PAAW's cat sanctuary in Antigua, Guatemala. October-November 2017.

Matisse in the Clouds

Total transformation of the Las Nubes Daycare Centre in Acatenango, inspired by Matisse and sponsored by the Colour4Kids Foundation. 

Wall of Fame at UPA Dog Shelter

“The Wall of Fame” at the Unidos para los Animales dog shelter depicts, from left to right, the ever famous and funny Chow; Mabel (in heaven) with her caretaker Ronaldo (UPA’s only fulltime employee who had the day off today and has no idea yet he made it onto the wall); sweet, sweet Molly with the best smile ever; and of course Chico… Thanks so much to Henry Navarijo for helping out the first day; Paul Nuñez for his help today and Linda Green for driving us home through rainstorms and horrific holiday traffic. 6.5 x 3.1m, sponsored by Noah.

Ocean Scene at San Bartolomé Becerra School

Ocean scene at 3 outdoor walls of the kindergarten at the San Bartolomé Becerra Public School, Antigua Guatemala. Sponsored by Debby Pate, Brooke Campbell (in memory of Christine Archibald), Tommy O’Dopnnell, Judy Sadlier, Tessa de Goede, Ana Maria Ackermans and Sue Bohenstengel. Aprox. 2.5 x 20m. August 2017

Mirabal Sisters Mural in the Dominican Republic

Mural depicting the Mirabal Sisterss at elementary school Colegio Evangélico Asher, El Batey, La Unión, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. (3 x 2.75m Commissioned by Colour4Kids Foundation, May 2017)

More Children's Rights in the Dominican Republic

Mural depicting the children's rights at elementary school Colegio Evangélico Asher, El Batey, La Unión, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. (3 x 2.75m Commissioned by Colour4Kids Foundation, May 2017)

Children's Rights in the Dominican Republic

Mural depicting the children's rights to recreation, equality, education, health, free expression and protection at the Club Deportivo 20-30 elementary school in Barrio Los Cocos, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. (2.85 x 24m Commissioned by Colour4Kids Foundation, May 2017)

Mural at Brillo de Sol Educational Center

In just two days we transformed the whole upstairs corridor at Brillo de Sol. The murals depict the names of the classrooms (Universe, Forest and Metamorphosis). Painted ith the help of Judy, Gwynn, Debby and Cristian. (Sponsored by Judy Sadlier, Gwynn Thoma, Debra Pate and Ilene Kradin, April 2017)

Mural at Dog & Cat Shelter Unidos para los Animales
Hazel in Heaven, portraying the cutest chocolate brown lab who couldn't get enough of treats. Here's she's depicted on a 4 x 3m wall at the Unidos para los Animales Cat & Dog Rescue. Unfortunately Hazel passed away shortly before painting this mural. (Sponsored by Jim Bader, February 2017)

Murals in Nursing Home Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz, Antigua Guatemala

Series of murals painted in the Nursing Home Hogar de Ancianos Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz in the centre of Antigua Guatemala.This is the latest, presenting Don Patrocinio Quesibaldo. 4.2 x 2m (Sponsored by Ann Kitchen, Amanda Gibson, Ana Maria Ackermans, Alice Lee and Wendy Russell, March 2017)
This mural depicts Doña Trini who at age 96 still lives in the home! On the background one of Guatemala's giant kites, created to celebrate All Saints Day. This mural was painted with the help of Henry Navarajo and sponsored by Jim Bader, Jihae Park, Linda Conard, Linda Green, Tessa de Goede and Ineke & Jan de Smidt. (January 2017)

The second one was painted in the dining hall of the nursing home and depicts two of the residents against a background of the colourful church of San Andrés Xecúl. The mural measures 3 x 7.5 meters and was sponsored by Wendy Russell, Nina Larrea, Linda Green, Jim Bader, Jihae Park and Romi González. Both were painted with the help of volunteer Henry Navarijo. (December 2016)

This is the first one, a window with a view to a tropical garden (3.7 x 2.2m) was painted in November of 2016 and sponsored by Lies Joosten in memory of her parents.

Starry Night in Brillo de Sol, San Gaspar


Third of a series of murals at Brillo de Sol, an educational centre for children with special needs. This mural was painted in the classroom of the 1st and 2nd graders, a group called The Universe. The teacher requested this rendition  (2.9 x 3.8 m) of Van Gogh's famous painting Starry Night. August 2016, sponsored by Ilene Kradin who also helped painting.

Community Mural in Chimachoy

The Community Mural in Chimachoy took a few months from start to finish (April – August 2016) After a series of workshops with students of both elementary school and high school in which we explored the concept of cultural identity, the students came up with a series of themes and images that according to them represent their culture. They expressed those ideas through drawings and photographs, the latter forming the basis for the final designs. 

Painting during a hurricane!

While conducting the workshops, the Municipality of San Andrés Itzapá and men of the community repaired and plastered the 65 meter long wall (approximately 2.5m high). The students of both schools then helped priming the wall and the painting could get started!
Al in all it took six weeks and many a hand to complete the work. Here an impression in pictures from start to finish. 

 Many thanks to the sponsors of this project: The Pollination Project, Coulor4Kids Foundation, Uno Más Foundation, Diane Morton, Tessa de Goede, Willem Meijnckens, Evert-Jan Velzing, Rosan Breman, Brenda Montoya Ineke en Jan de Smidt. Also a big thank you to volunteers Jessica Hoult, Alex barnica, Jenneca Fevos and Marie Duca and of course the students of both schools, the teachers and the community of Chimachoy as a whole. 

 Kittens, San Gaspar Vivar, Guatemala

Second of a series of murals at Brillo de Sol, an educational centre for children with special needs. This mural is painted at the outside of the kindergarten. This group of kids is called “kittens”, hence the theme of the mural. Approximately 1.6 x 6.5 meters, March 2016. Sponsored by Suzanne and Cita van der Linden  

San Gaspar Vivar, Guatemala

First of a series of murals at Brillo de Sol, an educational centre for children with special needs. This mural was technically a tough one to paint, because the wall is 6 meters high from the ground up, in a stairway, but I had great help from Jerke Monu, a volunteer from Belgium. Depicted here are Marcela, a student of Brillo de Sol, with rabbit, and the pet of the school, Luna, who teaches the children responsibility and to show love and tenderness. (2.8 x 4.7 meters, from mid level). Sponsored by Ilene Kradin. February 2016.

  Carnaval, Alotenango, Guatemala

Series of murals at the kindergarten Construyendo Sueños of the Bendición de Dios Educational Centre in Alotenango, Guatemala, depicting students of this institution. May - December 2015.
Thanks to the Thompson-Romero family, Wendy Russell, David Dean, Rita Swartz Odenheimer & family, Carlien & Peter van Enckevort, Asociación Bendición de Dios for sponsoring!!!

Animals, Mixco, Guatemala

Mural in Barrio Berlín, Mixco, Guatemala. A newly built kindergarten (by ConstruCasa, Stichting Kinderprojecten Guatemala and Stichting Los Niños). The mural was sponsored by Stichting Kinderprojecten Guatemala (19 x 3.4m). December 2015.

Our Culture, El Bonete, Copán, Honduras

Mural in El Bonete, a small Maya Chortí community on the outskirts of Copán, Honduras. To get there we had to cross a hammock bridge, swagger through cow manure and lost of mud, struggle up a hill and back of course, after heavy a heavy rain shower that made the hike even more “fun”.
Thanks to An van Wesenbeeck for sponsoring this mural and painting dots and lines, Annemie van Nieuwenhove for helping out; the teachers for their support and the kids for helping us dragging our supplies up the hill… September 2015.

We Love to Read, Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Sponsored by An van Wesenbeeck and on request by the teacher, Evelin Pinto, we painted the alphabet in the corridor of the Sendero Maya Kindergarten, where the students like to sit and work in their notebooks. September 2015.

Matisse in Guatemala, Alotenango, Guatemala

Painting of the interior of the Bendición de Dios School in Alotenango, Guatemala with motifs and images clearly inspired by Henri Matisse. Sponsored by the Asociación Bendición de Diós and the Los Niños Foundation. August 2015.

Facade of the Bendición de Dios School, Altenango (Guatemala)

The facade (aprx. 20 x 3.5m)of the Bendición de Dios School could use some colour and the Baars family from Holland was there to sponsor and help painting! Also thanks to Willem Meijnckens and Marten Numan for their contributions. July 2015.

Everybody Can Be Winner, El Progreso, Honduras

With soaring sun and temperatures of38°C and up we painted this 26 meter long wall at ProNiño, a home for boys in El Progreso, Honduras. Many thanks to the Dutch foundation Coulour4Kids for sponsoring and to the fabulous assistants Carlos, Rigo, Santos and Eduardo. April 2015.  

Past, Present, Future, Chimachoy, Guatemala

Mural at the community centre in Chimachoy, a Maya Kaqchikel community high up in the mountains between the volcanoes of Antigua and those of Lake Atitlán. It was great to paint a big wall again (10x 4.5m) and the help of 7 high school students is much appreciated. Thanks so much to all who made this possible: Richard Baars and family, Wendy Russell , MT Woltering and Paul Willcocks for sponsoring; the men of the community of Chimachoy for plastering the wall and the 7 students who helped painting. May 2015.


KIDS Restaurant, San Gaspar, Antigua, Guatemala

 Mural at TESS Unlimited KIDS Restaurant (total length 15 meters), San Gaspar, Antigua Guatemala. April 2015.

  Our Culture, Ostua, Cobán, Guatemala

Mural painted with CasaSito scholarship students in Ostua, Cobán. A wonderful experience in this remote Maya Q’eqchi’ community. Sponsored by CasaSito. February 2015.


Fulfilling Dreams Through Education Arrugas, Cobán, Guatemala

Mural painted with CasaSito scholarship students in Arrugas, San Cristbal, Cobán. Awesome volunteers! Sponsored by CasaSito. February 2015.  

Those are the community murals painted in 2015 up til today.
For more murals, please visit MuralArte Guate's Facebook page!