Monday, May 6, 2019

A Hole in the Wall

Four adolescents and now four painted walls. Check!

For weeks now I’ve been working every Saturday with Joshua, Isa, Eduardo and Leonardo (all CasaSito scholarship students) on how to make a mural. They started from scratch learning about the history of muralism and the differences between murals, street art and graffiti. We did a class on colour theory and of course the students learned how to copy and enlarge a design.

Little by little we came up with ideas for the mural. We took in account the space with all its possibilities and limitations as well as its purpose (a waiting area or space for workshops and relaxation). The students were very much into murals with optical illusions, although we agreed that a design with giant 3D creepy insects might not be the best of ideas.
In the end we came up with this design, which is tied to the mural downstairs.

So here we are!
The hole in the wall makes the space look bigger, the view is that of the Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes. The butterflies can represent the metamorphosis students undergo during their time at CasaSito. Also, they won’t be stopped by a wall, there’s always a way to fly even higher!

The umbrella is a bit of a joke, inspired by street art. The handle of the umbrella is an actual tube with actual faucet that “can regulate the rain”.

The mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe.

This was a fun project which will hopefully inspire the participants to make many more murals! Many thanks to Dr. Jim Bader who sponsored this mural! And of course to CasaSito and participants:

Carlos Joahua Gutiérrez Paredes (16)
Isa Gabriela Samayoa Gómez (16)
Gabriel Eduardo Samayoa Gómez (18)
Edgar Leonardo ”Da Vinci” Orellana Santos (17)

And a big thank you to my talented assistant Henry Navarijo for helping paint!