Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Guardian Angel for the Sleepy

Back in January I painted a series of 5 small murals in the daycare centre of San Bartolomé Becerra, a small village near Antigua Guatemala. For a theme I chose traditional folk art from Guatemala because it's beautiful, colourful and something else from the Dora the Explorers and Winnie the Poohs you see all too often in educational institutions.
Shortly after I finished the project, the teachers came looking for me. A complaint? But no, they just wanted more! There was still a blank wall left, in the dorm, so could I please... I promised to try to come back. And indeed, it took a while, but I finally painted the 6 x 1.5m wall in the dorm. A wooden carved angel now looks after the sleeping children, flanked by vintage ceramic swallows. Sleep well!

This mural was generously sponsored by John Eby, thank you!.
And of course this is not the end of the story.... Because now the Daycare Centre in Jocotenango wants a mural too...