Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Another Mural for the Elderly!!!

Doña Trini, 4.5 x 2.75m,
Hogar de Ancianos Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz, Antigua Guatemala

Going back to the nursing home Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz was a bit like coming home to old friends. After the initial polity “Buenos  Días” back and forth, recognition dawned on the patients’ faces. “Oh, you’re BACK!!!”
Everybody was excited about another mural in the corridor and despite all the details and many chats with the residents and staff, Henry and I managed to finish this one in just a matter of days.

The lady depicted is still very much alive. Doña Trini is 96 years old and has been living at the home for over twenty years. She’s not one to idly sit around. As soon as the dishes are cleared, Doña Trini helps washing up. Or straightening tablecloths or adjusting wheelchairs. Various staff members told me that I couldn’t have picked a better person to paint, she really deserves it. Unfortunately I didn’t see her when the mural was finished to take her picture in front of it. Not that she was too impressed anyway. When a nurse asked her if she felt honoured to be depicted, she just said “Naaaahh…” and continued drying dishes.
With Doña Trini in front of the previous mural
It was yet again a wonderful experience to paint here. I don’t think a mural could ever be appreciated more. My assistant Henry also did a great job. This is his third mural with me and he’s learning fast. Wonderful to have such an assistant!
Henry Navarijo
Of course many thanks to the wonderful people who made this mural possible. Jihae Park, Linda Conard, Linda Green, Tessa de Goede and Ineke & Jan de Smidt, THANK YOU!!! You all ”won” a signed copy of this mural which I will get to you soon. A very special thanks to Dr. Jim Bader for his generous donation that helped sponsor this mural and the next. You’re prize is coming up too…
Coffee Time
I hope to be able to go back soon to this nursing home. There’s still plenty of wall and staff and residents will be happy to have us back, which is the biggest compliment we could get!