MuralArte Guate

MuralArte Guate/Int. aims to transform grey public walls into colourful and sometimes thought provoking works of art. Founder of this project, artist Carin Steen, uses her years of experience as a painter and educator in Central America to teach children and young adults to explore, interpret and express their cultural identity through murals, using a methodology that can easily be repeated by the participants themselves in future projects.

Basically, the project consists of bringing walls and sponsors together and then of course the painting of a mural. The murals are often requested by schools, local NGO’s or citizens groups that lack the resources for such works of art.

Oftentimes the murals are designed and painted in close collaboration with the local community; at other occasions Carin just paints her own ideas and images. Some murals carry a specific message, others are more decorative. It all depends on the location, the wall, the target group and the wishes of the community.

Many of the murals have been painted in poor and remote rural areas in Guatemala and Honduras, the mural often being the only piece of visual art in the entire village and more than once they have become a landmark in the community. 
Students helping out in Arrugas, Cobán (Guatemala)

The Artist
Dutch artist Carin Steen lived in Copán Ruinas, Honduras for seventeen years where she ran an art organization (Copán Pinta /Arte Acción Copán Ruinas), organising all kinds of art workshops (painting, drawing, photography, theatre, yoga, sports etc.) for children and young adults. Since 2011 she works as in independent artist and designer, settling in Antigua Guatemala in 2014 to pursue her artistic career.
However, after painting a few patios and bedroom walls in private homes, the itch was back… There’s nothing better than creating a mural together with children or adolescents, making them think about how to express themselves, teaching them skills and seeing their pride when showing off the result. Hence the project MuralArte Guate was born, enabling Carin to share her experience and knowledge while doing what she loves most. 
Although currently based in the North of Spain, Carin still spends much time in Central America painting community murals.