Sunday, January 20, 2019

More Murals Demanded by the Elderly!

Doña Lucrecia Musus with current residents

Last week I went by the nursing home Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz, in the centre of Antigua to drop off some leftover art supplies from the Art Relief project I recently concluded. I had planned to go much earlier, but for some reason I kept postponing my visit. I think it had to do with the fact that it had already been two years since I last painted a mural in this place and I was afraid many residents would no longer be around.
Don Rosalino Ramos
But there was no need to worry. As soon as I entered I saw many familiar faces. And they recognized me too! Where had I been so long? When was I going to paint a new mural???
I explained that there wasn’t much wall space left but one of the residents took me by the arm and showed me several places that could use a bit of paint. And so it happened that I walked out the door with the promise to paint yet three more murals…
Henry Navarijo and the portrait of Don Agripino he painted.
Painting murals at this nursing home has been one of my best experiences ever and this time around it was just as fun. I was joined by Henry Navarijo, my assistant/apprentice, who had started working with me over two years ago, actually with one of the murals in this nursing home. This time around he was no longer helping out doing the groundwork, but painted a whole portrait by himself.

I had forgotten how much time we’d need just to chat with the residents and staff and how often we would be summoned to help one of the elderly to give them a supporting arm or tie their shoelaces. They don’t care that we’re there to paint, we were there, so we might as well put to service!
Of course we had a constant audience and had to admire all the art work made by those residents who love to paint too. We also got many suggestions for more portraits. So hopefully we’ll be back soon… I love this place and its people!!!

These murals were sponsored by Dr. Jim Bader who besides offering his services a s a veterinarian to Antigua, also contributes to make this place even more colourful. Thank you!