There are walls in abundance in Guatemala, but unfortunately money isn’t. Most of the schools or organizations that request a mural don’t have the resources to pay for it. So that’s where the important part comes in… Finding sponsors!

The budget for a community mural completely depends on the size, design, travel distance and whether a series of introductory workshops is wanted, starting at about US$ 450. Detailed quotes can be requested at info@carinsteen.com.

You can sponsor a whole mural or make a smaller donation that will go to the first mural request in line. On the home page of this website you’ll see which walls are need of a sponsor.

Some sponsors like to come down and help out, which is almost always a possibility.
If desired, sponsorship will be acknowledged by a (discrete) mention in the work of art. It is also possible to provide a preference for a specific theme or representation, as long as the community agrees with it.

After finishing the mural, an extensive report of the project including pictures of the process and result will be sent to the sponsor.

So, next time you ask for donations on your birthday rather than expecting gifts; or your kid is involved in a fundraiser at school, why not consider sponsoring a mural?

Donations can be made through PayPal (use the button on this page) or deposits on my Guatemalan (USD) or European (Euro) bank accounts (please email for account number).
For more information or quotes, please contact Carin directly: info@carinsteen.com.
Young sponsors from Holland helping out painting a mural in Alotenango (Guatemala)