Sunday, November 18, 2018

In the Land of Cats, Three Spot is King

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a place where cats could go to live happily ever after.
Among rolling green hills, overlooking volcanoes and a field of lilies, many cats found their way to this home, often after a life of struggle and hardship.
Here they spend their days napping in the sun, stretching on the grass or curled up in a comfortable bed. They even have their own human to serve them food and clean up after them. This sanctuary is an oasis of calm and more than thirty cats live here in perfect peace and harmony.

That is, all but one.
Three Spot!
I met Three Spot when I was asked to paint a 15 square meter garden at Unidos para los Animales’ cat sanctuary. Most cats seemed to enjoy my company and would come up for a polite meet and greet. However, for Three Spot I instantly became his own personal entertainment station. Three Spot would sit on my lap, examine the water jar, jump on my shoulder and crawl in my bag. He’d rub my butt, sniff the paint and of course leisurely walk trough the still wet paint. Whereas all other cats quietly did their thing, Three Spot was right there all the time! Except maybe for a few moments when it occurred to him it would be fun to attack another cat. That cat has more personality than all others together. You got to love him, there is no way around it!
Three Spot...
For four full days I had the pleasure to be surrounded by feline company while painting plants and flowers that can’t be destroyed by cat paws. It was fun and furry, not in the least thanks to Three Spot.

This garden was painted in loving memory of an angel. It was sponsored by the ever so kind and generous Dr. Jim Bader. And I also would like to dedicate it to my own cat Leo, whom I had for 14 years and who died only hours after I finished the mural, purring in my arms, the way pets should go…