Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In-door Walls Looking for Sponsors!!!

Although the community mural in Chimachoy is not yet finished, I’m already looking for sponsors for near-future projects. Especially now that the weather is not really collaborating (it seems that the rainy season finally made its entrance for real), it would be nice to have sponsorships lined up for a few smaller indoor murals. And options there are plenty! On top of the wish list are three murals for the Brillo deSol Educational Centre. This incredible project near Antigua Guatemala offers personalized education to all kinds of special needs kids. I already painted a mural in the stairway and one of kittens for the Gatitos first-graders, but now the older kids want murals too. The “Universe” kids (Grade 1) asked specifically for a mural of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. Way cool! The kids from El Bosque want a jungle, obviously; and then there’s the oldest group of kids called Los Científicos (The Scientists) for which I’m sure we can come up with some nice imagery. Those murals measure approximately 4 x 2.5 meters and only cost $250 a piece, which is just $25 per square meter! We’re looking for sponsors for an entire mural, but partial donations are welcome too.

Near the Acatenango volcano, we’re looking for sponsors for the Las Nubes Daycare and After School Learning Centre. This project is a bit more ambitious. It will be inspired by Matisse’s cut-outs and include the entire patio of the centre. The staff will receive an activity book based on the mural with games and assignments which makes the mural much more than decoration, but an interactive educational tool too. This project costs $750 in its entirety, but again, partial donations are welcome too.

And for the Community Mural in Chimachoy we can also use some more donations! The project is getting a bit out of hand, which means more days of painting and that means $40 per day for transportation in pick-up truck (the bus is no option since it leaves Chimachoy at noon). The director of the elementary school asked for a donation for materials to cover the dirt sidewalk in front of the mural with cement, in order to protect it, so there’s that too. So, any donation will be MUCH appreciated.

And why would you want to sponsor (part of) a mural? Because it’s FUN! It brightens up the community or school, it will make people proud of their surroundings and it is a short-term project with a permanent and high impact result. So donate today and make a bit of a difference in the most colourful way! :)

You can donate through PayPal using the button on this page or a deposit (please email for account details).

Thanks for reading this! Donating and sharing are appreciated!