Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wall is ready to be painted!

How magical to drive to work through a carpet of fluffy clouds flanked by a smoking volcano against a crispy blue sky…. On my way to Chimachoy for yet another round of workshops …

Upon arrival, of course the fist thing I noticed is that the wall IS ALMOST FINISHED!!!! The parents and municipal “albañil” did a great job plastering and finished all but four panels. Now it just needs to dry for a couple of weeks and we’ll be able to start painting!

Last Tuesday it was the high school students’ turn to learn about muralism and to explore their cultural identity. Just as the elementary school kids, they loved seeing pictures of children from different cultures, but defining their own was more challenging. Whatever we do everyday becomes “normal” and it isn’t until we compare our own traditions to others’ that we realize that what is “normal” might actually be quite “special” and part of what defines our cultural identity. Another difficult concept for the students was that culture is not just defined by ancient traditions, but also their own pastimes, their favourite (pop) music or way they dress. But when thy got to draw different aspects of their own culture, they safely stuck to the more traditional. 

A bit more adventurous were the girls who got to document their culture through photography. They took some interesting pictures of their environment and came up with a fun way to show off their “cortes”, the skirts of wrapped around fabric.

The sixth graders learned a bit about journalism: who makes it, why and what components does it contain (articles, interviews, illustration, photos, ads etc.). Then they learned a bit about composition before they got to play around with a camera. Time was running out, so we didn’t get to do our interviews and investigative journalism, so that has to wait till next time. As for now, it was a pretty productive day anyway.

We’re getting ready to start painting! As soon as the “canÍcula” starts, the dry, sunny period within the rainy season, the first colours will go up. The only thing missing is…. DONATIONS!!!!!! So far, 73m² of 143 m² are accounted for, so we’re half way through! You can help too and sponsor a square meter for just $17.50!!!! It would be a pity if we can only paint half the wall…
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Big thanks to: The Pollination Project, Diane Morton, Tessa de Goede, Willem Meijnckens, Evert-jan Velzing, Rosan Breman, Ineke en Jan de Smidt….