Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mega-Mural in Chimachoy is in the making!

On April 26th I went to Chimachoy to conduct the first series of workshops for 19 sixth graders about muralism (its history and socio-cultural importance) and cultural identity. Before discussing their own cultural identity, the children watched a presentation of photos from children from all over the world: their homes, toys, food, pets and games. So many differences, but also so many similarities… The funniest thing? Kids in Holland sprinkling CHOCOLATE on their bread! 

Then the children made drawings of aspects of their own culture, such as domestic animals, transportation, housing and the environment. And while the sixth graders were hard at work, four high school students were a great help to me measuring each panel of the future mural. Good thing too, because each panel (26 in total!) is a bit different in size. After adding up all the measurements, it turns out the wall is a bit smaller than expected, a total of 65.25 meters long and 2.18 meters high (if measured correctly). The total cost for this project will be around $2500, so that comes down to $17.50 per square meter. 

I also handed over almost $400 for the materials for repairing and plastering the wall, a job the parents will be in charge off.

Thanks so much to The Pollination Project, Diane Morton and Tessa de Goede for sponsoring. So far 64 square meters of the 143 are sponsored. You can “own” your own square meter of mural for just $17.50! 

You can use the Paypal “Donate” button on this page or go to the mural’s fundraising page.