Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Walls Looking for Sponors

Brillo de Sol (San Gaspar) is one of my favourite projects in Antigua Guatemala. It’s a special school for special children. Many of the students come from extreme poverty and are excluded from regular education because of their physical disabilities or behavioural problems. Some of the students are in a wheelchair; others are blind or deaf, some have Aspergers Syndrome or are autistic. In Brillo de Sol, everybody is welcome and inclusion is key. The students are divided by age and each classroom has its own name such as “Universe”, “Ocean”, “Bees” or “Stars”. I’d love to paint some great murals in this school that won’t only transform the building, but are also educational. So… looking for sponsors! I hope to complete a series of 5 murals in the next few months. Each mural only costs $250. Partial donations are also very welcome!
Let’s colour the world!
For more information about the project: www.brilldesol.org.