Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Mural Projects for 2016

And the quest continues!!!! There’re plenty of walls here in Guatemala waiting to be transformed from plain cement into an inspiring and uplifting environment.
For as little as $250 you can sponsor a classroom’s outer wall at the Educational Centre Brillo de Sol, painted by theme. Partial donations are welcome too!

Five murals to start the year at Brillo de Sol would be great, but I’m thinking even bigger. On my wish list for this year is the outer wall of the elementary school in Chimachoy, right at the entrance of this small Kaqchikel community and right across from the high school. The wall is badly in need of repairs and will need to be plastered first. It measures about 75 x 3 meters which is bigger than I’ve ever done. I plan to paint this one in close collaboration with students of both the elementary and secondary school. I have to work out the details, but it looks like this one is going to cost at least $ 2,000. Again, partial donations are welcome too!