Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Three Cats on a Wall Amongst Many More!

Aren’t you jealous if I tell you yet another day in the “office” meant painting under a bright blue sky surrounded by a few dozen playful kittens? Can’t complain!

Today I finished the third and (for now) last cat mural at PAAWS cat sanctuary. Cats everywhere and now three on the wall. I was very happy to cheer up this beautiful place where abandoned cats find a safe and loving home before they find their final destination with a loving family. And I speak from experience! A few months ago I found three kittens in the garbage behind my house. I didn’t think they would make it, they were so tiny, there eyes all pussy and way too young to be separated from their mom. I took them in and fed them kitten formula, rubbed their bellies and even made them burp. Amazingly, two of the three recovered quickly and would climb up in my pants as soon as I entered the bathroom where they had there temporary lodging, to protect them from the rest of my rather unsympathetic canine and feline household. The third kitten was in such a bad shape that I actually prayed for it to die quickly and stop suffering. I clearly needed help and got it from Angela Kerslake who brought me in contact with Emily and Luis.
Now I’m happy to report that all three kittens are happy and healthy critters! Emily and Luis did an amazing job. It was such a joy to paint at the sanctuary and see the once pathetic creatures playing around with their peers.
Painting was fun and not without help! Nacho, the cutest orange/white cat on Earth (I hope my cat Leo isn’t reading this) was up on the ladder with me most of the time. He also got a bit painted himself today, but that will wear off. Monkey actually helped me with some brush strokes and Number 1 made his contribution by eating my lunch (very kindly replaced by Luis, thank you!). What a fun job! Thank you PAAWS, for the assignment and for what you do for cats and dogs in Guatemala!
I LOVE Nacho!!! (Even if he couldn't care less...)

Monkey helping out